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Web Content and Editing Services

Whether you want a sales/landing page, something engaging for your 'About' page or need to re-work some dry, technical content to make it more readable - even if you just need existing content reviewed or edited, we can help.

Professionally developed content helps to attract and retain visitors to your site and can in turn help you:

  • achieve more enquiries/requests;
  • increase subscribers and social sharing;
  • establish your position/status in your field/industry.

Why is Content Important?

The content of your website is (or should be) intended to persuade the visitor to do something. That 'something' might be to buy or enquire about a product, it might be to subscribe for more information - or the aim may be to engage with your readers or encourage them to share that content.

Other than specific goals such as those listed, effective content should also demonstrate a level of experience, knowledge or skill within your chosen field and the ability to share that knowledge in an effective way. Well written content can help to persuade readers of your authority and respectabilty - in short, it can can help make them WANT to do business with you.

Effective and Engaging Content

We understand the importance of good copy. We will take your raw/source material in combination with research into the subject and your target audience. We will then create engaging and informative content for your website that can help to achieve the desired results or create a certain image/status within your specific field/industry.

We can help make your content come to life on the page.

Content/Editing Rates

Please see our Rates page for indicative rates, and note that as each client/contract is different, those rates should be used as a guideline only. Contact us now so that we can discuss your requirements in detail.

Note that the rates shown include only creation/editing/proofing of the content, not extras such as sourcing and securing images or other media or marketing through social media etc. Should those services be needed, we can discuss specific requirements with you.

If the rates listed on that page don’t meet your long-term requirements, contact us to discuss a contract arrangement.