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Rates, Terms and FAQ - a Guide


As each client/contract is different, these rates should be used as a guideline only. Contact us to discuss your requirements in detail. All rates are quoted in Australian Dollars (AUD) or USD for ex-Australian clients - see more detail in the Terms section.

Business Blogging

Per Post (up to 300 words) $150

Web Content Creation/Editing

Creation (per page) $300
Editing (per page) $150
Proofreading (per page) $99

E-Book, Help & Doco (per page)

E-Book, Help & Doco $175

E-Book, Help & Doco (project examples)

10 pages at $150 per page $1,500
20 pages at $125 per page $2,500
50 pages at $99 per page $4,950
100 pages at $99 per page $9,990

Press Releases (per release)

Creation $225
Edit/Re-write $150
Proofreading $75

Note: One article, press release, or page is approximately 400 words for our billing purposes, regardless of formatting that may affect the actual page layout. Longer page/article requirements may qualify for higher project fees than those noted above.

General Terms and FAQ

These are intended as a guide - we will enter into a contract for work to be undertaken, and terms/conditions will be determined at that time - however, these are the general terms under which we will operate.

What areas will you write Web content for?
Typically business and technical subject matter. We will not write Web content on adult, gambling, hate, or illegal topics, or on any subject matter that we deem to be inappropriate. Acceptance/rejection of projects is entirely at our discretion.

Is your content Search Engine friendly?
We create readable content that is also Search Engine friendly. We will take account of specific keyword requests but we will not 'stuff' keywords or accept keywords that will make the article unreadable, nor we will use intentional misspellings.

What kind of turnaround do you offer?
That depends entirely on our current workload and the nature of your order. Please contact us to enquire about current availability for your project.

What are your payment policies?
Payments are due up front for most orders, and for every order from a first-time client. Exceptions can be made for clients that we have a long-standing arrangement with. Larger projects may be broken down into instalments. Before placing any large orders, we suggest ordering a single piece to make sure we can work together nicely.

How can payments be made?
Payments must be made using Paypal via a Paypal invoice. Payments must be received and cleared before work will begin on most orders.

How many edits are included?
All prices shown typically include up to two rounds of editing. If you need to get 'team' approval, you should send it around and gather the changes required into one package, not send them individually (we will treat these as separate edit requests). Further edits will be billed at the going rate.

Changes to Scope/Direction?
Once a project has been agreed and is underway, you cannot make an request that significantly changes the project. Doing so will result in you being billed for any work completed thus far, and being billed separately at the normal rates for the new project.

I have another question not covered here...
Contact us and we'll do our best to assist.