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Business Blogging Services

Blogs can be a valuable tool for any company, encouraging customer feedback and interaction, and enticing new visitors to your site - as well as keeping the search engines happy.

However, Blogs often get neglected and can become stale or out of date, which can have a negative impact on your readers.

Does Your Business Need a Blog?

Maybe, maybe not. It depends to a large extent on your target audience (your market). Are the people you are trying to reach typically blog readers or consumers of news? Are they the type to ensure that they keep up to date with events and developments in their industry?

If you wish to reach out and attract an audience that matches these criteria, have the 'raw' material to generate regular updates for that audience and are willing and able to invest the time required to do so then a business blog might be an excellent tool for your company.

Do You Need Help With Your Business Blog?

  • You might be running a blog for your business and need help creating regular blog posts;
  • You may have a company blog but not the time to create high quality content yourself - because you are too busy actually running the business and doing what you do best;
  • You may manage to maintain your blog but worry that the content isn't reaching the audience you want or getting the results you desire;

In situations like this, and many similar scenarios, it's time to hire a professional - someone who does what they do best to let you concentrate on doing what you do best.

That's where iBoosting can help.

Why Not Manage the Blogging Yourself?

Lots of people can manage their own blogs and spend the time and effort involved in pro-actively keeping them up to date, relevant and well directed for their target audience. There are lots (and lots) more who just can't invest that level of effort or who simply don't have the skills to get their message across. Most SME owners want and need to focus their time and effort on the most important thing - running their business. Their time is just too valuable or their effort too thinly spread.

In cases like this, outsourcing to a professional business blogger makes sense. Duties that we can take care of include:

  • Turn offical releases or documents into more 'user-friendly' articles that can be directed at specific customer, supplier or partner sectors;
  • Create informative blog posts based on company or industry news that will help to engage new customers to your blog through search engines;
  • Demonstrate your knowledge and authority within your industry through the use of informative and educational articles or opinion pieces;
  • Build a regular readership and encourage them to subscribe for updates/offers;
  • and much more...

These are just some of the reasons it makes sense to use iBoosting's Business Blogging service.

Business Blogging Rates

Please see our Rates page for indicative blogging service rates, and note that as each client/contract is different, those rates should be used as a guideline only. Contact us now so that we can discuss your requirements in detail.

Note that the rates shown include only drafting of the post content, not extras such as sourcing and securing images or other media, following up on comments, or marketing through social media etc. Should those services be needed, we can discuss specific requirements with you.

If the rates listed on that page don’t meet your long-term requirements, contact us to discuss a contract arrangement.