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E-Books, Help and Related Work

iBoosting can create and edit promotional, educational or other material in a variety of formats, including: PDF, E-Book formats for use by E-Readers, HTML or 'chm' Help files for internal program/system help and various HTML formats for use on a website or iPhone/smartphone friendly format.

How to Make Use of 'E-Books'

If you're not sure what we mean by E-Books or how they could be of use to your business, here are just a few of the ways they could be of benefit:

  • Improve knowledge and awareness of your products/services;
  • Provide clearly written and friendly user guides and manuals for current or prospective clients, suppliers and partners;
  • If you wish to sell E-Books (for example, about your experience or passing on certain skills and techniques), this is an opportunity for ongoing income. Write once, then sell digitally for as long as you like through a variety of distribution channels;
  • Increase awareness of your company. Offer free E-Book downloads or whitepapers requiring subscription to build leads/memberships;
  • Demonstrate your knowledge and authority within your industry through the use of informative and educational articles or opinion pieces.

The Value of Good Quality 'Help'

Professionally crafted 'help' for your software, system or service can provide a number of benefits:

  • Improve user knowledge of your products/services;
  • Clearly written and user-friendly help or user guides will enhance your product's user experience. A well-written help facility can reduce unneccessary support calls to your help desk;
  • Help/Guides can be generated in various formats so that the content is available 'in-program' or in other accessible formats such as HTML (including smartphone friendly formats).

Why Not Create this Content Yourself?

Some businesses can manage their own E-Books internal/external user guides, manuals and help content and spend the time and effort involved in pro-actively keeping them up to date, relevant and well directed for their target audience. There are lots (and lots) more who just can't invest that level of effort or who simply don't have the skills to get their message across. Most SME owners want and need to focus their time and effort on the most important thing - running their business. Their time is just too valuable or their effort too thinly spread. That's where we come in.

  • You don't have the time to develop your idea into a fully fledged product. You might have a great idea that you would like to share and profit from but you also have a busines to run;
  • You're not sure of the best format to use. There are lots of options, and they are not all mutually exclusive - let us help you decide on the best plan of action.

E-Book & Help Writing Rates

Please see our Rates page for indicative E-Book/Help service rates, and note that as each client/contract is different, those rates should be used as a guideline only. Contact us now so that we can discuss your requirements in detail.

Note that the rates shown include only creation and generation of the publication and basic design/formatting, not extras such as sourcing and securing images or other media, distribution or marketing of finished work etc.

If the rates listed on that page don’t meet your long-term requirements, contact us to discuss a contract arrangement.