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Press Release Creation

Press releases are a cost-effective promotional tool for small and online businesses that can (if handled correctly):

  • Provide exposure for your company;
  • Drive well targeted traffic to your website;
  • Build relevant backlinks to your website;
  • Help improve your search engine placement.

Press Releases - What to Avoid

If press releases aren’t real news, but simply promotional puff-pieces they will not do the job you want them to, and could be detrimental. Poorly written releases, spammed out through the shotgun approach of a mass-release PR service may not get the results and return you desire.

Some press release services will offer to get you get hundreds (or thousands) of quick backlinks, but most of those links will come from from low quality sources, may soon be archived off to a never-to-be-seen-again webpage and won't do you any favours with the major search engine.

Why use iBoosting?

Because with us you will get a personally crafted piece of work, designed to do its job - not a mass produced generic article with a few links thrown in.

Press Release Rates

Please see our Rates page for indicative press release rates, and note that as each client/contract is different, those rates should be used as a guideline only. Contact us now so that we can discuss your requirements in detail.

Note that the rates shown include only drafting of the content, not extras such as sourcing and securing images or other media or distribution. Should those services be needed, we can discuss specific requirements with you.

If the rates listed on that page don’t meet your long-term requirements, contact us to discuss a contract arrangement.